Sunday, October 13

Sherrie's Circles

With the stuff I acquired from my mother, she left me one block for this quilt.  My original thought was to make that one block into a pillow and be done with it, but I decided that my mother-in-law would love a quilt from me, so as my first quilt, I attempted to make it for her in remembrance of my mother.

I didn't know how to make a pattern from the block, so thankfully the local librarian is a quilter and took pitty on me.  She took my block home and brought it back with a pattern.

From there it all exploded.  I was able to find enough fabric out of my mom's stash to make about 90% of all the blocks.  I then found a local quilt shop who helped me figure out the border fabric and backing fabric.

A sister in my ward has a mid-arm quilter, so she taught me how to quilt it myself.  That was the most exciting part.  To see my quilt come together was an amazing experience.  It was so worth the time it took to learn the machine and to quilt it myself.  I can honestly say that every stitch on this quilt was done by me.

Oh, that one single block I had of my mother's, I put that on the back of the quilt.  Therefore, her touch is in the quilt too.

My mother-in-law's birthday is on Thursday, so I have gotten it done just in time.  She will be shocked.  I know she will tell me that I need to sell my quilts and make a lot of money from them, but this and all the other quilts I am currently working on are sentimental because of my mother.

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